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Why hiring a pet sitter will give you peace of mind.

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What is Pet Sitting?

For those who don’t know, pet sitting is when a pet sitter comes to your house in order to take care of your pet - just like babysitting! A pet sitter will care for your pet in the same way you would if you were at home. They will maintain their feeding schedule, take them on walks, clean up any messes and administer any medications and give them lots of attention and care.

Pet Sitting vs. Pet Boarding

On the other hand, pet boarding is when you leave your pet at a boarding facility such as a dog hotel or cattery. At boarding facilities, pets are usually fed at specific times, given little one-on-one attention and are not taken on walks.

What are the benefits of pet sitting?

Now that you know what pet sitting is, you may be wondering why you would leave your pet at home under the care of a pet sitter instead of leaving your pet at a boarding facility.

Here are just some of the many benefits of pet sitting:

Minimal changes

Pets can feel stressed when their environment and routine change. Pet sitting presents your pet with the opportunity to stay at home in familiar surroundings and maintain their usual routine.

Good Communication

A pet sitter will keep you updated with photos and videos after every visit. You will have peace of mind while you are away and receive cute content for your pet’s insta! #instafamous

It’s convenient!

Hiring a pet sitter will not require you to transport your pet to a boarding facility and having to drop them off and pick them up at a specific time. Just give your pet a kiss goodbye and we take care of the rest!

Your pet is in good hands

Pet sitters are required to be certified and have knowledge of pet health and first aid training. As certified pet sitters, we can detect unusual behavior and act on it immediately.

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Is pet sitting a suitable option for my pet?

Pet sitting is an amazing option for most pets. Here are some ideal candidates:


Cats usually don’t like to be transported in a car, crated or taken away from their home. Therefore, cats may suffer from anxiety, get stressed or lose their appetite in a cattery. Hiring a pet sitter to take care of your cat in their home allows them to stay comfortable in their environment while your pet sitter will maintain their usual routine.

Dogs who enjoy their home comforts

Most dogs feel most comfortable when they stay in their home environment. Kennels may be a particularly stressful environment for dogs as they will be surrounded by unfamiliar smells, noises and other dogs.

Other small animals

Don’t want to impose on friends and family for the care of your fish, turtle, hamster or other small animal? Pet sitting is not only for dogs and cats but also for any other pet you may have.

Bottom line

It’s never easy leaving your beloved pet behind when you are going on holiday or are away from home for a long time. Many pet owners can’t bear to take their four-legged friend to a boarding facility. If pet sitting seems like a good option for your pet, get in touch. We’d love to meet you and your pet!

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