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solutions for busy pet parents

Rushing to walk your dog before work in the morning, skipping your lunch break or cancelling your after-work plans? We're here to help! 

Enroll your dog to one of our dog walking memberships for regular dog walks around your neighbourhood.

dog walking outside

Finding a reliable
dog walker
in Limassol has never
been so easy!

Your dog needs daily exercise and frequent potty breaks, but fitting in multiple dog walks every day isn't always easy!

Our team of reliable and experienced dog walkers will make sure every dog walk is a safe and fun-filled adventure!

Our user-friendly app allows you to track your dog's walks with a GPS time-stamped map, receive photo updates and a detailed pet report.  




dog walking outdoors


Our dog walkers will pick up your dog from your home for a nice walk around your neighbourhood. Come home to a happy and relaxed dog!   

pet sitter with dog at home


Our dog walkers will make sure every walk is an adventure and the highlight to your dog's day! Unlimited sniffing, exercise and socialisation included! 

dog with leash


Our walks are customised to your dog's needs and what you want to achieve; whether this is house breaking, crate training or just to provide your dog with the exercise and socialisation they need!

Dog walking membership



Schedule all your dog walks for the whole month in advance and benefit from reduced price per walk, consistent schedule and guaranteed slot. Our members get priority booking, fun surprises throughout the year, exclusive discounts and access to members-only events! 


Short or long walk
Minimum x3 / week

dog walking outdoors with butterly


Short or long walk
Minimum x3 / week

two dogs walking outside with butterfly

All our walks include:

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GPS tracking
detailed updates after each walk
feeding & refilling water bowls
cleaning up any mess
free treats and poop bags
free product delivery

*Price depends on area and number of dogs.
**Walk duration may be extended on request. 

***Petvibe dog walking monthly memberships are recurring on a monthly basis and available only for eligible dogs. Terms and conditions apply.  


3 easy steps

application form for dog walking


Choose your dog walking plan & fill out our short form below.

meet and greet with pet sitter


Meet your dog walker at a free in-home consultation before your first service begins.

pet owner relaxing at home


Enjoy peace of mind while you receive photo & video updates of your pet. 


I couldn’t be leaving my dog in better hands! And it’s not just the fact that they are perfectly reliable and always punctual, or the fact that they send you a walk report and pictures after every walk so you know where they were and what your pet did, but most importantly the positivity they bring to every walk, every encounter! The love and affection they show my little girl, I couldn’t recommend them more.

I couldn't be leaving my dog in better hands!

- Maria M.

dog sitting outside in limassol
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We do things


dog walk tracking on phone


Easily manage your membership, request services, update your dog's details & receive real-time photo updates through our app. 

GPS tracking for pet sitting


You'll know the exact arrival and departure times of your dog walker with GPS-time stamped routes and pet reports.

pet product delivery to your door

To your DOOR

Out of dog food, treats or any other pet products? Your dog walker can bring all your dog's essentials straight to your door. 

Your most common questions


  • How can I make a dog walking booking?
    Making a dog walking request is easy and quick through our website. Fill out our short form and we will get back to you with your personalised dog walking plan within 24 hours. If you need any additional info or assistance you can always contact us.
  • How far in advance do I need to make my dog walking booking?
    We recommend that all dog walking requests be made at least 72 hours in advance. We are happy to accept last-minute dog walking requests, provided that our dog walkers can accommodate you in their schedule.
  • What duration and frequency of dog walks should I book?
    Some things to consider when choosing the duration and frequency of your dog walks are your dog’s living conditions, the hours you spend away from home, your dog’s breed, age and energy levels and their feeding and bathroom routine.
  • Can I book occasional dog walks, on an as-needed basis?
    You may book occasional dog walks with one of our dog walkers on an as-needed basis, subject to availability. Individual dog walks on an as-needed basis are subject to an additional charge.
  • Will I meet my dog walker?
    Yes, we always set up a meet & greet at your home so that both you and your pets get acquainted with your pet care provider. The meet & greet should be scheduled as soon as possible after the booking confirmation in order to ensure suitability and avoid any inconvenience.
  • What happens during a meet & greet?
    At the meet & greet: -one of our pet care providers will come to your home to meet you and your pet; -we will make sure that our pet care provider and your pet are a good match; -we will make sure we have all the information we need to keep your pet safe and happy; and -we will install a lockbox for your keys, or you will provide us with your keys for us to keep on file. A meet & greet will typically last less than 20 minutes.
  • Do I need to be at home when you collect or drop off my dog?
    No, the majority of our clients are happy for us to hold their keys for them which enables us to collect and drop off your dog while you’re not at home. Please refer to our key handling policy.
  • Where will my dog be walked?
    Your dog will be walked in your neighbourhood.
  • Can you combine walking and playtime?
    Of course, we can customize our service to best fit the needs of you and your pet.
  • How do I grant you access to my home?
    We recommend one of the following options to our dog walking clients: 1. Lockbox: We may provide you with a lockbox that you can install outside your house. The lockbox security code can be set up by you and can be changed at any time. Once you have purchased the lockbox, it will be yours to keep. 2. Keys on file: Alternatively, we can keep your keys on file. All keys are coded, so only your dog walker can match your key to your house. Your dog walker will return your keys to you after our last dog walk and/or termination of dog walking membership.
  • Who will have access to my keys?
    We take the security of your home seriously. The only people who have access to your keys and any access codes are your dog walker and any authorised employees of Petvibe.
  • How do key handover and return work?
    Handover: If it is the first time you are booking a dog walk with Petvibe, you may hand over your keys to us during the meet & greet. If you are a repeat client, we will arrange to have your keys collected, unless you already have a lockbox installed. Return: If we have your keys on file, we will return your keys to you after our last visit and/or termination of dog walking membership.
  • What if there is an emergency at my home? Would you be able to check on this?
    Our dog walkers will only access your home for the purpose of the dog walking service and only during your designated time slot. Any emergencies that fall outside the scope of our dog walking services will not be attended to.
  • How many sets of keys do I need to provide?
    You will have to provide your dog walker with 1 copy of your key. We also recommend that you keep an additional copy of your keys with your emergency contact, in case of an emergency.
  • What if I have more than one dog? Is there an extra charge?
    Each additional same-household dog is charged at half price.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    You may cancel any dog walking booking two weeks before the service commences and the full amount paid will be credited to your account. Any cancellations made less than two weeks before the commencement of the dog walking service will not be credited.
  • How am I billed?
    Payment is made in full at least 14 days before the commencement of the service or upon confirmation of the booking after the meet & greet, whichever is sooner.
  • In which areas is Petvibe available?
    At the moment, Petvibe's dog walking services are available in the area of Limassol. If your location is in the far outskirts of Limassol, there may be an extra charge. Please contact us for further information.
  • What time can you walk my dog?
    Our working hours for dog walking are from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. We will walk your dog during one of our designated time blocks below: Early morning: 7am – 10am Late morning: 10am – 1pm Early Afternoon: 1pm – 4pm Late Afternoon: 4pm – 7pm If for any reason you need a dog walk outside of our working hours or at a specific time, please contact us to enquire.
  • What if there are poor weather conditions on the day of my dog walk?
    On days that are very hot, very cold or there is heavy rainfall, we may shorten dog walks and spend the remainder of time playing indoors with your dog.
  • What if my dog needs to go to the vet?
    During the meet & greet we will make sure to discuss and agree on an action plan in case of an emergency.
  • Do you have a leash and harness that you prefer and/or recommend?
    We will walk your dog with the leash that you provide us with as long as it is safe.
  • What are the benefits of booking a monthly dog walking membership?
    -A dog walking membership will cut the cost for each walk, saving you money. -You will be given priority on scheduling your preferred time block. -We will schedule your dog walks for the entire month and payment occurs in advance so you don’t have to worry about making individual bookings and payments. -You can select as many dog walks as you like per week for the entire month.
  • Can I cancel my monthly dog walking membership?
    You may cancel your monthly dog walking membership at any time before the 20th of the month and you will not be billed for the next month.

Let us know a few details about you and your pet and we'll get back to you within 48-hours.

*We currently only provide our services in Limassol. 

Type of pet:
I am interested in:

Thank you for submitting our form!

Someone from our team will contact you the soonest!

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