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4 rainy day activities to keep your dog happy & entertained indoors

Finding it hard to come up with ways to keep your dog exercised and entertained on a rainy day?

Here are our top 4 rainy day activities to keep your dog happy and well-exercised indoors!

Hide & Seek

Who doesn't love a good game of hide & seek?

Ask your dog to 'stay' in one room of the house and go and hide in another part of the house. Ask your dog to 'come' and watch them sniff and run around to find you. Once they've found you, reward them with a treat. And repeat!

If your dog doesn't have a good 'stay' command, you can ask someone else in the house to distract them while you go and hide.

Puzzle Games

Another great way to keep your dog busy on a rainy day is puzzle toys.

What's great about puzzle toys is that they will keep your dog entertained for hours without the need for your participation!

There's a wide variety of puzzle toys available. Our favourite is the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Smart interactive dog puzzle. Just place it on the ground and watch your dog use all his brain power as he paws and nudges the bones over to uncover the hidden rewards!

Interactive Treat Dispensing Toys

A stuffed treat dispensing toy is a simple but effective way of keeping your dog entertained on a rainy day.

Just fill up your treat dispensing toy with any healthy treat (some great ones are peanut butter, fresh bananas, berries and yoghurt) and let your dog lick away. A great tip is to freeze the stuffed treat dispensing toy overnight to keep your pooch busy for even longer!

One of our favourite treat dispensing toys is the Zee.Dog Super Fruitz Pear. Not only is it great for stuffing but it has a great bounce for an exciting game of fetch!

Find the Treat!

This game promises to awaken your dog's hunting instincts!

Ask your dog to 'stay' (or close them up in another part of the house) and hide some of their favourite treats around the house. Ask your dog to 'come' and watch them start sniffing and searching for those treats!

If this is your dog's first time playing these indoor games, make it easy to begin with, until they get the hang of it!

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